Android 15 beta 1: you can expect this soon

The first beta version for Android 15 gives us an idea of ​​what new features you can expect on your phone soon.

With each Android version, Google expands the capabilities of the operating system. That’s also in Android 15 the case. Once again, the user experience is improved in various ways.

From edge to edge

One of the new features being introduced is that apps now use the full screen by default. Before Android 15, developers still had to set that option manually, which caused some apps to leave the status bar unused.

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This is no longer the case: apps will be displayed from the bottom to the top edge of the screen by default, without developers having to do anything. While scrolling you will notice that the status bar is a bit translucent, and takes on the color of what passes behind it.

Easier payments with NFC

Google also wants to improve the payment experience. It does this by updating the NFC protocol in Android 15. Part of what this entails was already known earlier: there will be an observation mode for the payment procedure. Today, when you hold your smartphone against a payment terminal, it will immediately proceed to payment. This changes with Android 15: the smartphone gets an observation mode. You can then see what exactly the payment terminal asks of you before you make the payment. Apps can now also register your fingerprint and use this to see whether your phone communicates via NFC or not. This makes it possible to also make NFC payments with other apps.

Archive apps

In addition, the function to archive apps is also coming to Android. Astute Android fans may notice that that feature is already available today. That’s right, but it only works for apps from the Google Play Store. However, Android 15 adds an API at the OS level. This means that apps from other app stores can also be archived. This way you can always free up space on your device: by archiving an app you temporarily delete it, but you ensure that personal information remains. This is useful if you want to use the app again later: you can then immediately continue where you left off.

Better secured

Google is also tinkering with Android in terms of security. Android 15 should therefore offer improved security against malicious apps that work in the background. Malware running in the background can be configured to bring a particular app to the foreground. Although this has been prohibited since Android 10, Google is adding extra protection for the problem.

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In addition, Google also centralizes end-to-end encryption. Currently, encryption keys are kept in apps themselves, but that is not the most secure way. Now Android 15 will keep track of all encryption keys. This is especially useful for developers: they no longer have to program this into their apps themselves, making it easier for them to offer encryption.


It is not yet known when Android 15 will be available to all users. The beta version is currently not super stable, but Google hopes to be able to correct that by June. After that, it will take a few more months before you see Android 15 appear on your device. There is a chance that this will happen from this autumn, although much depends on the update policy of smartphone manufacturers.

Android 15 availability timeline. © Google