The Westmark Legacy is Foretold

The CCG/TCG realm of gaming is a funny thing. In many genres, games are incrementally better than each other, obviously, or we wouldn’t have a job. In the case of this one, the gap between good and bad often feels like more of a chasm and this creates problems because a lot of gamers would … Read more

Kingdom Hearts Integrum Masterpiece Steam Deck Review – 1.5 + 2.5 HD ReMIX, 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, and III + Re Mind Tested – TouchArcade

It feels unreal that the Kingdom Hearts series finally released on Steam after many years of being only on the Epic Games Store. I originally didn’t care about this potential release while discussing it with friends over the years, but the Steam Deck changed things. Having a completely playable and competent version of the main … Read more

Content Warning is about to go viral

What could possibly be better than posting a video of yourself or your friends doing something stupid online? Personally, I can think of a lot of things I’d rather do including sticking hot pins in my eyes, but for some people, this sort of thing is a way of life. We’re going to be taking … Read more

So to Speak gamifies the teaching of basic Japanese, but you shouldn’t sleep on this fun retro puzzle game even if you have no aspirations to learn the language

About eight months ago, I impulsively decided I wanted to learn Japanese. To be honest, it wasn’t something that had ever occurred to me as either beneficial or indeed especially possible for me before; but because modern life does have its upsides sometimes, I was able to act on this whim so fast that, before … Read more

Netflix Reveals 14 New Games Coming Soon to iOS and Android Including The Case of the Golden Idol, Rotwood, and More – TouchArcade

Netflix has just announced even more mobile games coming to iOS and Android “soon”. I assume the “soon” means through the year because a lot of the games have dates from today’s announcements, and some of the new games are very interesting indies I’ve either played or want to play soon. This announcement follows Netflix’s … Read more

Terror at Oakheart appears in February

The 80s was really the decade of the slasher movie. Now, I’m not saying that other decades haven’t spawned some pretty scary murderous villains, (I’m looking at you Ghostface,) but this decade takes the biscuit. They got so numerous that they started trying to kill each other! From a protagonist’s perspective, you just didn’t go … Read more

The Curse of Grimsey Island manifests on PC

You’re probably all more than aware of this by now, but investigation games are some of my favorites out there. There’s something really appealing about uncovering a mystery while unlocking a game’s secrets that just keeps you coming back for more. With this being said, I’m pleased to be able to tell you a little … Read more