Reuters: US government plans to completely ban Kaspersky software – Computer – News

The United States government is reportedly preparing a complete sales ban on software from Russian antivirus company Kaspersky Lab. The ban would come into effect on September 29 and concerns the sale, updating and downloading of the software. According to Reuters sources The cabinet led by President Joe Biden views Kaspersky’s software as a security … Read more

Koalas can predict whether it will be a hot day

And as promising as that seems, this may not be enough for survival in the face of climate change, researchers warn. Koalas are iconic marsupials found mainly in Australia. They are well adapted to life in trees thanks to their strong prehensile claws and thick fur that protects them from both heat and cold. Speaking … Read more

We finally know why some people seem immune to catching covid-19

Volunteers have been exposed to the coronavirus as part of a scientific study koto_feja/GETTY Deliberately exposing people to the coronavirus behind covid-19 has helped scientists understand why some people seem to be immune to catching the infection. As part of the first human covid-19 challenge study carried out in 2021, a group of international researchers … Read more

These 4 gadgets make your home super smart

This is a sponsored article from vidaXL. The editors are not responsible for the content. Technology can make your life a lot easier and more fun. No more hassle with manually adjusting the thermostat or searching for the light switch in the dark. With a few smart gadgets you can quickly transform your home into … Read more

Springer Nature staff to take unprecedented strike action

Synonymous journal at the major academic publisher to be affected by industrial action for the first time in its 155-year history. On June 20, UK-based staff at Springer Nature are set to walk out after an overwhelming vote to take strike action over pay and conditions. Staff organized in the National Union of Journalists (NUJ), … Read more

Extreme obesity increases the risk of cancer the most after smoking, but immunotherapy actually works better

Obesity is the biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking, but strangely enough, immunotherapy works better in obese cancer patients than in people of a healthy weight. Macrophages probably have something to do with this. Lead researcher Jeffrey Rathmell from the US Vanderbilt University tells to about the intriguing obesity paradox when it comes … Read more

Solar storm slams Mars in eerie new NASA footage

The same gigantic sunspot that was responsible for triggering a historic geomagnetic storm on Earth in mid-May whipped up a legendary one for Mars a few days later. On May 20, data from Europe’s Solar Orbiter spacecraft showed that an estimated X12 solar flare — the strongest type on the flare classification scale — erupted … Read more