Orbea Diem 20 review: beautiful bike with flaws

We mainly know the Spanish Orbea for its unique racing bikes and mountain bikes. In recent years, however, the brand has also taken a big step in the field of e-bikes. The Urban range alone, with e-bikes for city traffic, includes five categories, including the Diem. With the Diem-reeks Orbea has clearly focused on design, … Read more

Rime discovered on the highest volcanoes on Mars

A few hours before sunrise, a very thin – but extensive – layer of frozen water can be found on the tops of record-breaking volcanoes on Mars. Researchers came to this surprising conclusion after studying more than 30,000 photos of the red planet. This can be read in the magazine Nature Geoscience. For the research, … Read more

Realme is working on 300W charging for smartphones

The Chinese smartphone brand Realme is working on fast charging technology that can charge smartphones at 300 W. Marketing director Francis Wong has confirmed this. Realme is not the first to come with 300W fast charging. Redmi (Xiaomi) already did this and demonstrated how one of their phones was fully charged in just five minutes. … Read more

That could turn out very well for the economy and the climate

Researchers have calculated that implementing a basic income could double global gross domestic product (GDP) while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Much has already been said and written about basic income. Some see it as a promising idea that could combat poverty, while others are concerned that its financial viability is questionable and that it could … Read more

DuckDuckGo introduces privacy-conscious AI Chat

The privacy-conscious browser DuckDuckGo comes with its own chatbot. AI Chat allows users to freely choose between models such as GPT-3.5, Claude, Llama and Mistral. In the meantime, we have become so used to chatbot integration in our browser that DuckDuckGo did not want to be left behind. The company has been working on its … Read more