Just Stop Oil vandalism aims at Taylor Swift private jet and misses

Climate warriors are, on issues big and small, truly the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. Make that spray-paint straight: Two Just Stop Oil morons went after planes with orange spray paint at an airport where they believed Taylor Swift’s private jet was parked.  Talk about bad blood. The climate activist group Just Stop Oil sprayed … Read more

Kevin Costner Confirms His Yellowstone Fate After Shocking Exit

It’s official: Kevin Costner will not be returning to the Dutton Ranch. After more than a year of speculation that the actor had walked away from his hit series Yellowstone to focus on other professional projects, Costner finally confirmed he won’t be returning as John Dutton III for part two of the Paramount series’ fifth and final … Read more

Heading to the beach to beat the heat? Pack your patience.

Local News Beachgoers have faced “gridlocked traffic conditions” this week. Salisbury Beach in Salisbury. Emily Concemi During this week’s record-breaking heat, Massachusetts beachgoers have been met with clogged roadways, full parking lots, and sold-out beaches. 10 best things to do south of Boston this summer Due to the weather, thousands of people visited Salisbury Beach … Read more

Reuters: US government plans to completely ban Kaspersky software – Computer – News

The United States government is reportedly preparing a complete sales ban on software from Russian antivirus company Kaspersky Lab. The ban would come into effect on September 29 and concerns the sale, updating and downloading of the software. According to Reuters sources The cabinet led by President Joe Biden views Kaspersky’s software as a security … Read more

Skims Nipple Push-Up Bra Review With Photos

Every editorial product is independently selected by our editors. If you buy something through our links, we may earn commission. You’ve probably already caught “The Kardashians” clip of Scott Disick recognizing Kim Kardashian’s Skims nipple bra on Khloé and immediately inquiring, “Do you have the new nipple bra on?” “Of course,” Khloé replies. “These are … Read more

Koalas can predict whether it will be a hot day

And as promising as that seems, this may not be enough for survival in the face of climate change, researchers warn. Koalas are iconic marsupials found mainly in Australia. They are well adapted to life in trees thanks to their strong prehensile claws and thick fur that protects them from both heat and cold. Speaking … Read more

Don’t Freak Out Over Florida Teen Labor Laws

On July 1st, two Florida laws liberalizing the state’s restrictions on labor by 16- and 17-year-olds will go into effect. The first law, House Bill 49 allows older teenagers to work longer hours on days when school isn’t in session and allows them to work more than 30 hours a week during the school year … Read more

The contortions of the MAGA mind

IN THE NEWS: Instead of believing that the American justice system is generally fair and evenhanded, Republicans and the right-wing media concoct contorted and sometimes contradictory theories about how both Hunter Biden and former President Donald Trump could be convicted by juries if the system is rigged to harm only conservatives. See more of David Horsey’s cartoons … Read more