Google again postpones phasing out third-party tracking cookies in Chrome – Computer – News

Google is once again postponing the phasing out of third-party tracking cookies in Chrome. The tech company first wants to work with feedback from regulators, developers and industry partners. The company wants to restart the process in early 2025.

Google references in his update also to the Competition and Markets Authority. The British Competition Authority reportedly still needs time to assess test results from commercial partners regarding the phasing out of cookies. These results will be delivered at the end of June. The American company hopes to complete the process with the CMA by the end of this year and continue the phase-out early next year.

In 2019 became known that Google wanted to phase out third-party tracking cookies in Chrome. The company has developed a number of open web standards that should bring the personalization of advertisements into line with the privacy of internet users. The whole thing was titled Privacy Sandbox.

Google will also have this phase-out in the summer of 2022 already postponed. At the time, the company said that both Google and advertisers needed more time to develop the initiative. The British CMA also demanded that Google adjust the initiative to make the Privacy Sandbox more privacy-friendly for end users. On January 4, 2024 Google began then block third-party cookies in Chrome. This happened to one percent of all global users. Tweakers wrote a background article about how Privacy Sandbox should work.