Windows Paint update brings improved editing tools

Microsoft has started rolling out improved editing tools for the Windows Paint app. For example, you can adjust the size of pens and brushes more granularly.

Microsoft Paint has undergone quite a few upgrades in the past year. This is how the tool now supports layers and PNG filesit has a background remover even AI-tools got. Anyone who opens the Paint app will be welcomed by the DALL-E 3 integration, with which you can generate images. The software giant is now once again releasing an upgrade for the editing tools in version 11.2402.32.0, which is now available for Insider Canary and Dev users.

From now on, they can more easily determine the thickness of pens, brushes and erasers. Previously you could only choose from predetermined formats. Now Microsoft is adding a slider to give users more freedom. We already know this from the Paint 3D app, which Microsoft has no longer included on your PC for some time. The software giant is also saying goodbye to the current limits for the tools.

Layer improvements

Microsoft is also introducing some improvements for layers. For example, the layers panel in Paint offers a background option after the update. You can use this by opening the layers panel (Ctrl + Shift + B) and clicking the ‘Background’ tile at the bottom. Users can then determine the color of the canvas. If desired, the background can also be completely hidden.

Microsoft Paint lagen
© Microsoft

Copying content that is in layers also becomes slightly easier. To do this, you will soon hold down the key combination Ctrl + Shift + C. Paint then suddenly copies the content from all layers. Ctrl + C will of course remain available to copy a specific image element.

Currently, the updated tools are only available to Insider Preview users. It is not yet known when all Paint users will be able to use the new tools.