Waze warns you of the risk of an accident

Waze intends to send you on the job even better informed. Google’s GPS app will soon alert you to roads where accidents often occur.

The latest version of Waze includes notifications for the crash history of certain roads. It should make you more alert for treacherous sections, so that you can reduce speed on risky tracks.

On such a road, drivers will see a pop-up indicating that accidents occur regularly. Whether that notification appears will depend on reports from other Waze users. This data is supplemented with an analysis by artificial intelligence. In that respect, the function is not very different from other notifications in the app.

No notification on fixed routes

The AI ​​takes into account how busy the track is, the slope of the road and whether it is a highway or a smaller, local track. You may not even see a crash report for routes you take every day, such as the way to work. The crash history is therefore mainly intended for drivers who visit places where they are not very familiar with the road network.

It is the latest addition in a series of security features that Waze owner Google introduced in recent years. This includes notifications and live information about accidents. If traffic threatens to get stuck, Waze can offer you a faster route. In addition, it makes the accident site less busy and allows emergency services to reach the scene more quickly.

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