Trump’s New Strategy May Get Biden Reelected And Wipe Out Republicans

Trump wants to make himself a political martyr and make the 2024 presidential campaign about his trials, which is a strategy that could get Biden reelected and cost Republicans in Congress.

Kristen Holmes of CNN reported:

 When we talk about the messaging, this is all part of it. They want the legal and political to be one and the same. They are going to make the argument that he is unfairly being persecuted because he is running for president, that this is all about Democrats or various leaders or opponents to him, that they are all trying to silence him because he is running for president and doing well. They believe that that helps. The key message here is what we’ve always known about Donald Trump, he does not want to face these trials in a court of law. He wants to fight them in the court of public opinion. W

hat we’re seeing him do today is using that messaging, that messaging he puts out on social media in a courtroom. He’s taking it a step further. We knew he would probably do that in front of the cameras, but he’s also doing it inside of the courtroom. They are trying to create a narrative that plays into what they want their political campaign to look like, which is that he’s a political martyr. That is part of a very calculated strategy on their part.


Instead of making the election about President Biden, Trump is going to make the election about himself. It seems like a horrible political strategy that Trump is not going to make the 2024 election a referendum on the incumbent president, but he is going to use it fuel his quest for political martyrdom.

The message that Trump is being unfairly persecuted is one that MAGA believes in, but it Independents and moderates don’t care about.

The strategy illustrates that Trump is running for himself not for the country.

If Donald Trump follows through with this plan, Republicans around the country are going to have nothing to run on. The party’s standard bearer will be running around the country in between criminal trials martyring himself.

Republicans are setting themselves up for disaster in 2024, and it is all because they are allowing Trump to drive the party off the cliff.