Timberwolves Brazil is the most unhinged sports account on the internet

Any time the Minnesota Timberwolves do anything it’s quickly followed by pure, abject horror. The maniacs behind the “Timberwolves Brasil” Twitter account are incapable of being chill, and celebrate wins in the most unsettling way possible.

I don’t need to sugar coat this. It’s a wolf, sensually swallowing another wolf whole, then being turned on by appearing pregnant, I guess? This could be an internet thing I’m just too old to appreciate, but it’s new and confronting.

Sometimes Jesus is cuddling with a baby wolf.

On occasion you might see a TikTok of a woman open mouth kissing a live wolf, because why not?

The most unsettling tweet from Timberwolves Brasil came when the team was at 1-1 when this was somehow allowed to be posted on the internet.

It’s not illegal, but damn if this doesn’t feel like it should be illegal. It’s just exceptionally wrong. It should be noted that this account is in no way affiliated with the actual Timberwolves, and that’s probably a very good thing — because almost everything Timberwolves Brasil posts is sexual, horrifying, and sometimes both.

Keep having fun down there, Brazil.