‘Thinner version of PlayStation 5 consumes as much energy as previous edition’ – Gaming – News

According to YouTube channel Linus Tech Tips, the new thinner version of the PlayStation 5 would consume the same amount of energy as the previous model from 2021. The new console would also produce approximately the same amount of sound as its predecessor.

Volgens Linus Sebastian the new edition of the PlayStation 5 (including disk drive) consumes an average of 224.26W while playing games. The regular 2021 PlayStation 5 would consume an average of 225.03W in the same scenario. If the thinner version of the console only has to run the system menus, 51.16W is consumed. In the previous edition, according to the Youtuber, this was approximately 53.01W. The idle consumption of the new PS5 is 3.91W. With the predecessor this was 3.32W.

Sebastian also took a closer look at the CPU of the game console during the teardown and believes that it is exactly the same as the regular PlayStation 5. According to the Youtuber, the CPU is still built on 6nm.

In terms of sound production, both consoles score almost the same. The PlayStation 5 Slim produces approximately 33.6 dB of sound when running Spider-Man 2. With the previous generation, 33.8 dB of noise was measured while running the same game. Sebastian does note that the sound in the new variant is more prominent on the side of the disk drive.

The disk drive also appears to be easy to remove. After all, there are no screws involved. The user must connect the drive to the PlayStation 5 via software. To do this, a connection must be established with Sony’s servers.