The NL Cabinet puts an end to the extension of the subsidy for second-hand electric cars – IT Pro – News

• An EV has been proven to be cleaner (including coal power and battery material mining). And even if you don’t care much about the environment, your own lungs do :)

When you drive your car you are not bothered by those exhaust fumes. And if you don’t drive, you’re only bothered by other people’s exhaust fumes. Very few people buy a car based on an ideology.

• It drives quieter

Most cars from the last 10 years that are in an upper mid-range segment (e.g. Passat or Mondeo) are quiet enough for a comfortable ride. And they are more practical (nice and spacious, can tow trailers without any worries), and cheaper than a second-hand electric car.

• You have more power available

That is completely unnecessary in the Netherlands. There are almost always people driving in front of you.
And with many cheap electric cars, that power is disappointing.

• For some: Charging at home, never going to a gas station again, just a plug

Most people don’t mind refueling at all. It barely takes 5 minutes. In addition, second-hand cars are often purchased by people who do not have a lease and who often have an average income or lower. These people often have a small house or apartment, without a driveway.

• If you can charge at home and have solar panels, you can drive ‘practically for free’ if you do it right

That only applies to a very small group of people. Most people drive their car during the day and come home in the evening.

• It drives nice and smoothly, one more gear shift (just like a GOOD automatic)

A lot of automatics have been sold in the past 10 years, so there is plenty of choice in the used car segment. Moreover, cheaper electric cars often cut back on some aspects. For example, a more expensive second-hand petrol car may be better in terms of steering behavior, comfort of the seats or heater.

Furthermore, there are all kinds of reasons to continue buying petrol or diesel:

  • Cheaper to purchase
  • Possibly cheaper in road tax
  • Clear maintenance – no mega costs such as a potential new battery pack
  • Great freedom of choice and opportunity to distinguish yourself
  • Often a nicer interior and more space for the same price
  • Greater range and no waiting time on long journeys
  • Possibility to tow (heavier) trailers

I recently bought a Euro 6 diesel, perfect for my purpose and the purchase price is low because they are less popular. But in reality my Euro 6 diesel has less emissions/particulate matter than many petrol cars with direct injection.

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