Tesla is recalling all Cybertrucks: cars accelerate uncontrollably

Tesla’s Cybertrucks have a problem that keeps them accelerating. The problem appears to be caused by soap.

Tesla produced about 3878 Cybertrucks to date. The car manufacturer is now recalling all cars: a problem with the accelerator pedal causes the cars to continue to accelerate.

The Cybertruck’s accelerator pedal is not made in one piece, but actually consists of two parts. It concerns the pedal itself and a plate that is attached to it. This gives the accelerator a slightly larger surface area, which provides more comfort while driving. There is a problem with that part: the plate simply comes into some Cybertrucks los.

That in itself is not a problem, except that the accelerator pedal gets stuck. Because the long plate shifts, the pedal remains pressed. In other words: it is no longer possible to stop accelerating.

Soap as the cause

It seemed for a while that something was going on with Tesla’s Cybertrucks. Production of that car was halted earlier this week due to an “unexpected delay”. That now turns out to be a fallacy. In fact, the factory went wrong while assembling the accelerator pedals.

According to the recall notice, the defect originated on the assembly line. An “unapproved change” was made there to produce the cars more smoothly. It turned out to be quite a job to get that long base onto the accelerator pedal, so it was decided to use soap. It is those soap residues that are now causing problems.

Future Cybertrucks should no longer exhibit this defect: Tesla has resolved the problem since Wednesday. All 3878 Cybertrucks currently on the road have the problem. The car company says it is not aware of any accidents or injuries due to this defect, which will be fixed free of charge.

For anyone who notices that his or her Cybertruck suddenly starts to accelerate uncontrollably, Tesla has some golden advice: press the brake pedal.

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