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Tears of the Kingdom’s Fuse ability turns the game into Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

Protect browsing returns in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, however with Hyperlink’s new powers, he is changed into a full on skater boy.

It appears that there is a limitless variety of actions to do on this up to date model of Breath of the Wild’s Hyrule. Whether or not it is making an entire bunch of wacky and fantastic creations (and a few slightly obscene ones), or simply merely proving that there is not a “proper” method to play the sport. However the hottest development taking on the hills of Hyrule? Skateboarding. Within the first recreation, you possibly can do a cool flip to get Hyperlink on his defend to surf down mountains, snowy slopes, or sandy dunes. However now, gamers are utilizing Hyperlink’s Fuse capability to make flat out skateboards.

The factor about Tears of the Kingdom, is that if an object may be interacted with by way of Hyperlink’s Ultrahand capability, you may as well accomplish that with any of his different talents, together with Fuse. So which means you are able to do issues like sticking a rock on the top of your sword, or firing off an arrow with a mushroom on its tip. It additionally means that you could connect a mine- or common cart to your defend, which gamers have shortly discovered is the sickest method to get round Hyrule.

As you possibly can see 40 seconds into the video beneath, when you have one of many Zonai carts in your particular person, attaching it to your defend fairly actually turns it right into a skateboard, making it work rather well on flat terrain.

Whereas plainly the minecart principally acts in the identical means because the defend usually would, that hasn’t stopped gamers from utilizing it as a skateboard anyway, like Jake Dekker who used it to grind from island to island.

Then there’s baraturss over on Reddit who shared their shieldboarding expertise by pairing it up with Bodyjar’s Not the Identical (Tony Hawk’s Professional Skate followers stand up).

[TotK] Shieldboarding is now far more enjoyable with the assistance of an minecart!
by u/baraturss in zelda

They are not the one one with Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater on the mind, as UnpropitiousPretext took their Zonai cart defend and added in some Superman by Goldfinger.

Legend of Zelda: Professional Skater
by u/UnpropitiousPretext in tearsofthekingdom

In fact skateboarding is not the one method to get round Hyrule – there’s the Wing machine too, however it’s a bit tough to deal with, so we have a information that covers suggestions and a few of its makes use of.

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