MediaTek and Nvidia to make Dimensity chips for cars – Computer – News

MediaTek will work with Nvidia to make chips for self-driving cars. The company wants to make multiple versions of the Dimensity SoC that are specifically intended for the automotive sector. The chips will include an IGPU that can control multiple displays in cars.

MediaTek releases four Dimensity Auto Cockpit socks. This concerns the CV-1, CM-1, CY-1 and the CX-1, which increase in power and are therefore intended for different segments. The SoCs are mainly intended to control the car’s internal systems, but according to MediaTek can also help control cameras and sensors for assisted driving. MediaTek works with Nvidia for the chips; these work together with Nvidia’s Drive OS and support that company’s TensorTR SDK and analysis tool Nsight.

The SoCs are made on ARM’s V9-A architecture and contain a built-in GPU from Nvidia. This makes it possible to control infotainment huds and other displays that work on Nvidia’s Drive OS. Furthermore, the Socs can perform speech recognition, integrate artificial intelligence into spoken language and control multiple internal displays simultaneously. According to MediaTek, the chips support multiple virtual machines simultaneously, allowing users to run both Linux-based systems and Android Auto side by side.

According to MediaTek, the built-in image processor can process HDR images in real time. The SoC also has a 5G modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 7 and support for multiple satellite navigation and communication protocols.