German airport security guards receive new collective labor agreement after strike wave

With this latest agreement, air traffic in Germany appears to be heading for a summer without strikes. For example, Verdi and Lufthansa agreed in broad terms at the end of March on a new collective labor agreement for ground staff of the aviation group. This prevented a threatened strike around Easter. This collective labor agreement, which was also the subject of a previous strike, also applies to approximately 25,000 employees.

Negotiations on the collective labor agreement for Lufthansa cabin crew, in which the Ufo trade union is involved, are still ongoing. A mediator has also been engaged here.

According to employers’ association BDLS, airport security guards receive 13.1 to 15.1 percent more pay over a period of fifteen months. Negotiations on overtime allowances will resume at the end of the year. The union and employers have until Tuesday afternoon to agree to the agreement. Until then, Verdi will not call for new strikes.