Gemini Nano is coming to the Pixel 8 after all

Google is going to bring its Gemini Nano-LLM to the Pixel 8 after all. The search giant previously indicated that the Pixel phone would have to make do without the AI.

Like the Google Pixel 8 Pro, the smaller Pixel 8 is equipped with AI features. This allows you, among other things, to move objects in photos in the Photos app. Since December, the Pixel 8 Pro has been able to handle various AI tasks locally via the Gemini Nano language model. That’s a smaller version of the Gemini model used for Google’s AI chatbot. For the smaller Pixel 8, the AI ​​language model did not seem to be possible: the hardware would cause ‘limitations’.

That’s pretty much what Google said three weeks ago on “The Android Show” podcast. The search giant reversed that decision on Thursday evening, various sources reported The Verge. According to the publication, Gemini will appear in the next Pixel Feature Drop as a developer preview. Developers can then try out the AI ​​language model. After completing that testing phase, the Pixel 8 will likely be able to handle exactly the same AI tasks as its Pro counterpart.

That is not surprising, by the way. Both Pixel phones are powered by the same Tensor G3 chipset. That chip contains an integrated NPU. The only difference between the two Google Pixel models is the amount of RAM available. The Pixel 8 comes with 8GB of RAM, while the Pro includes 12GB of RAM. It is also remarkable that the Galaxy S24 contains just as much RAM and has the Gemini Nano-AI.

Summarize web pages

Gemini Nano will eventually power many more AI functions. In principle, the LLM works as an API for all apps that want to integrate local AI functions. Chrome also seems to be using this soon. That app would be local want to summarize web pages puts AI.

This function will probably first appear as Search Generative Experience (SGE) in the US. That’s the case for most of the AI ​​features Google has launched lately. It is not yet clear whether the Gemini language model on the Pixel will only appear in the US at first.