Fox News Gets A Massive Reality Check From Rep. Ro Khanna On Biden And Jobs

Fox News tried to suggest that Biden’s policies were not responsible for the jobs gains, but Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) was ready with the facts.

Rep. Khanna said, “The job creation is at a record high. Let’s just look at some basic facts. Since the president has come into office, almost 14 million jobs created. Now, 70 percent of those are jobs that were recovered.”

The Fox anchor asked, Can I just get in there? Because I, I, I, and I, I try not to interrupt, but created is a very, it’s a very interesting word. Can you tell me what specific policy under this president created those jobs?”

Khanna continued, “Yes, I actually can. The American Rescue Plan, which put in money into infrastructure and helping people stay employed in small businesses. The infrastructure bill, which has led to a boom in construction jobs. The Chips Act, which has led to a boom in manufacturing. And I’m acknowledging…”

The Fox anchor sees the segment going the wrong, so another interruption, “The reason I ask is because a lot of that was a rebound from the COVID pandemic, correct? 70 percent of those jobs were recovered from the COVID pandemic.”

Rep. Khanna continued, “I’m acknowledging that. But here’s the point. You know, it was recovered within two years because of the American Rescue Plan. We could have been in a Great Depression. Give the President credit for the recovery and the creation of new jobs. And the reality is that this was the policy of the American Rescue Plan, of the CHIPS Act, of the infrastructure, of the Inflation Reduction Act. 4 percent unemployment used to be considered full employment in this country. The inflation in this country at 3.7 percent is less than inflation anywhere else in the world.”


Biden has created more than seven times more jobs than the last three Republican presidents combined. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 56% of the jobs lost to COVID were recovered before Biden took office, so President Biden’s policies have fueled job growth and are the reason why the US is in a better position than the rest of the world.

Democrats need to own and tout the Biden record on jobs because it is historic, and going on places like Fox News is the only way to correct the misinformation that is being spread by conservative media about Biden and jobs.