Eric Trump Confirms In Testimony Disaster That His Dad Committed Fraud

Prosecutors got a key piece of evidence from Eric Trump as he confirmed that Mar-a-Lago was valued as both a residence and a private club, which the judge already ruled was fraud.

CNN reported:

The Attorney General’s office was trying to focus Eric Trump about his knowledge of Mar-a-Lago and how it was treated in the financial statements. So they showed an email that he was on that discussed the treatment of how they were valuing Mar-a-Lago. And what we’ve seen throughout this trial. Now, at the end of its fifth week is that for the financial statements, Mar-a-Lago was valued as a private residence which allowed it to have a higher valuation. But we’ve also seen evidence that Mar -a-Lago for tax purposes was valued as a private club which enabled it to have a lower value. So this discrepancy was brought to Eric Trump’s attention today on the stand and he testified that both are accurate. So he’s agreeing that it is also a private club while they were valuing as a private residence in the statement of financial condition which the judge has already said is fraudulent.”


Eric Trump confirmed to prosecutors that his father was engaging in an activity that the judge has determined was fraudulent. Eric Trump, whether he realizes it or not, confessed to fraud.

The New York Trump Organization fraud civil trial has not gone well for the Trump family. The Trumps have not been able to provide an explanation for their behavior. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump both claimed to have no knowledge of the fraud and blamed other people in the organization and accountants for the fraudulent activity.