Diablo is getting a tabletop role-playing game adaptation and a board game

Blizzard Entertainment, Glass Cannon Unplugged, and Genuine Entertainment have announced a partnership to bring a Diablo roleplaying game and board game to folks everywhere.

The Diablo RPG is inspired by Diablo 4 and is slated to arrive during BlizzCon 2024, while Diablo: The Board Game will arrive the following year after a crowdfunding campaign.

According to Glass Cannon, the RPG, and a co-op adventure board game will “fuel one another with interchangeable game components, shared accessories, and complementary expansions with overarching events in a fully integrated product line.”

The Diablo RPG will further explore the overworld and underworld of Sanctuary, feature “fan-favorite mechanics,” and the Core Rulebook is set alongside Diablo 4, with future tabletop supplements planned throughout Diablo’s timeline.

Glass Cannon is hosting a survey you can take, asking for input on Diablo: The Roleplaying Game. Feedback and insights from the survey will help shape the future content of the game.