End of Deutsche Bahn strikes in sight

The union says that there are now “intensive” discussions with DB and that agreement has already been reached on many issues. It is not known what the parties have agreed on. In the run-up to the agreement, union members will no longer stop work, according to GDL and DB. The union previously did not rule out a work stoppage during Easter.

GDL members have long wanted higher wages to compensate for increased inflation and also demand a shorter working week of 35 hours instead of 38 hours for the same salary. As far as is known, the railway company did not want to make the working week shorter than 36 hours.

In total, union members have stopped work six times to demand higher wages. The most recent work stoppage was last week and lasted 35 hours. During strikes, almost no trains ran in Germany and far fewer trains than normal ran between the Netherlands and Germany. NS and Arriva trains were also canceled.