Apple’s revenue is declining due to declining iPad and Mac sales

Apple experienced a 0.7 percent decline in revenue in the quarter compared to the same quarter last year, according to its financial results.

The reason for this decline appears to be a dip in sales of tablets and computers. Add to this a decline in smartwatches and home speakers sold and the picture becomes clearer. Despite these challenges, Apple set a new sales record for the iPhone, with sales of $43.8 billion worldwide, an increase of 2.8 percent compared to last year. Apple probably owes this increase to the price increases of the devices.

With a price increase of about 7 percent for the iPhones and revenue growth of only 2.8 percent, it appears that Apple sold fewer iPhones last quarter. Yet the iPhone remains the flagship product, responsible for almost half of Apple’s sales.

With a growth of 16.3 percent to a turnover of $ 22.3 billion, the services surrounding the App Store, Apple Music and Apple TV continue to form an increasing part of Apple’s success story.

However, not everything is going in the right direction

However, sales of iPads, Macs, Apple Watches and smart speakers fell significantly last quarter, which has a major effect on Apple’s overall revenue. The biggest loser within the range is the computer department. A 33.8 percent annual decline in sales for Macs is quite significant. iPad sales also fell by 10.2 percent. Sales of the Apple Watch, home speakers and associated accessories fell by 4 percent.

Apple ended the quarter with revenue of $89.5 billion, down slightly from last year. Despite this, the company achieved a profit increase of 10.8 percent, worth almost 23 billion dollars.