Anthony Black and Gradey Dick gave NBA fans the jersey swap meme they were craving

The only thing Gradey Dick seems to enjoy more than playing basketball is having the last name “Dick.” On Sunday night he teamed up with Anthony Black of the Magic to prove that it’s not the size of the jersey that matters, but how you use it.

In case you’re trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, as if this was some wild coincidence they have no idea was going to happen — please see Exhibit B, when the two players clearly formulated the plan for the “BLACK DICK” jersey swap photo.

This needs to become the most important subplot in the NBA now. It is Gradey Dick’s mission to make as many amazing jersey swaps as possible, and get them all immortalized forever with photos.

There are dozens of opportunities around the league, and now he just needs to discover them. Let’s help Gradey out with a few ideas with now.

  • DICK BALL (feat. LaMelo Ball)
  • BROWN DICK (feat. Jaylen Brown)
  • DICK CURRY (feat. Stephen Curry)
  • FOURNIER DICK (feat. Evan Fournier) **DO NOT GOOGLE THIS**
  • GREEN DICK (feat. Jeff Green)
  • HARDEN DICK (feat. James Harden)
  • DICK HUNTER (feat. D’Andre Hunter)
  • LITTLE DICK (feat. Nassir Little)
  • REDDISH DICK (feat. Cam Reddish)
  • SUGGS DICK (feat. Jalen Suggs)
  • THOR DICK (feat. J.T. Thor)
  • WHITE DICK (feat. Coby White)

There’s so much beauty in the world.