A REAL ARTIST reviews our Dragon’s Dogma 2 Character Creations

Yeah, get a load of that headline, art people. With your paintbrushes, your easels, and your pointless degrees. We, a group of people with equally expensive degrees that might honestly be a tiny bit more useless have made some art using Dragon’s Dogma 2’s very nice character creator.

Obviously there’s more to DD2 than just trying to recreate your nan, or your cat, or your favorite member of the Bee Gees, but quite frankly, you can get lost in just picking your nose all on its own. So, that’s what we’ve gone and done.

Jim and his friend, er, let me look this up, Owen O’Donnell of The Infinite Review, teamed up to take a look at some of the characters us at VG247 and a couple of other people who either are or have been associated with Gamer Network at some point in time have created in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Every character showcased and analysed in the kind of depth you can only expect from a man who actively grimaces whenever he has to reveal his own pick on our podcast – despite the fact he’s in control of it – and one of that man’s mates was definitely created in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Especially the one you see at about the four minute and thirty second mark. The rest of them are just the same, and definitely worth tuning in to check out, even if Jim didn’t use a little audio clip I sent him to help convey the beauty of one of my creations, not that it needed it. If you haven’t played DD2, it’s a fascinating, hugely compelling game. You can find our review, which says something to that effect in a very snappy manner, here, and if that’s not enough, you can watch Jim and Eurogamer’s Ian Higton play the first three hours of it here.

So yeah, check out our art in the video above, with commentary from Jim and The Infinite Review’s Owen O’Donnell, who’s also been on VG247’s podcast before, possibly mutiple times, but I can’t quite remember because my memory only acknowledges the episodes that feature a mention of the original Midnight Club or Football Manager.