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Worried about plastic trash? Don’t be afraid of tap water

To the editor: Your particular local weather change report contained articles on plastic, recycling, landfills, injury to our surroundings, injury to our well being and way more. This can be a enormous and overwhelming downside.

I supply one small suggestion: Stop ingesting bottled water.

Los Angeles faucet water is protected and near tasteless. In case you’re nonetheless unsure, use a reasonable filter. This may eradicate mounds of pointless plastic bottles.

A second facet of this bewildering want for bottled water is the a whole bunch of fossil-fueled, loud vehicles that prowl our neighborhoods delivering jugs of water to residents.

Keep in mind, it’s advertising campaigns that make us really feel the necessity for bottled water, a necessity that doesn’t really exist.

This one small adjustment to the best way we reside would make a large distinction, and it’s so very straightforward to do.

Kay Camphuis, Los Angeles

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