World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic revealed at Blizzcon 2023

We knew it was coming! Blizzard Entertainment has announced World of Warcraft: Classic is getting Cataclysm in the first half of 2024. This means flying mounts in Azeroth, battleground queues, and so much more as the world is torn asunder.

This, as is the norm with Blizzcon Classic reveals, came in the form of a lush looking cinematic trailer. In it, we get to see all the best moments from the expansion. This includes all the raids, the zones being changed, and of course all the awesome new gear and mounts you can get.

Classic Cataclysm is coming with changes, although we’ve not been told what they are yet. We know the expansion raises the level cap to 85, adds a bunch of new questing zones, dungeons and raiding content. There are also the Goblins and Worgen races coming, split between horde and Alliance respectfully.

Blizzard has also added an update for World of Warcraft Classics’ seasonal update schedule. This comes in the form of the Season of Discovery, which will add a bunch of class-modifying additions and new content for players to experience. In a way, this is to make those who have been clamoring for “Classic Plus” content happy. They also promised to add onto this in the future, so place your bets on what twists and turns on old content we’ll see.

WoW Classic has been a surprise hit for the MMORPG, honestly. It’s cool to see more content planned for it, even as it transitions somewhat away from what a portion of the Classic player base would dub the ‘true Classic experience’. Cataclysm may be fantastic, but it’s also where you absolutely feel retail gameplay creep its way in. You could argue it’s already in place with Lich King, even.

Either way, continued support for arguably the most enjoyable MMO experience out right now for jaded old people and depressed millennials is great news. Here’s hoping Classic can maintain its momentum as it shoots off into Cataclysm and beyond.