Why no takers for Colin Kapernick? NFL owners have good reasons

To the editor: Several times columnist LZ Granderson implies or states directly that “the league” has taken action to ban quarterback Colin Kaepernick from playing again in the NFL.

I am unaware of any actions taken by the National Football League that would prevent any team that so desires from signing Kaepernick. The author does not or cannot identify any league action against Kaepernick.

Couldn’t it just be that nobody wants to sign a middling-level player whose past political grandstanding on the sidelines, rightly or wrongly, is guaranteed to distract and divide the locker room and alienate a large number of fans?

Mike Bell, Redondo Beach


To the editor: For Kaepernick to be exiled for seven years in his prime because of a symbolic kneel during the national anthem is clearly the height of absurdity and unfairness.

He should have been brought back long ago. For this serious injustice, I would support his reinstatement along with generous back pay by the NFL.

Gertrude Barden, Porter Ranch