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‘We were freaking out’: Scientists left ‘flabbergasted’ by detailed dinosaur footprints covering a cliff in Alaska

The cliff face, often known as “The Coliseum,” in Denali Nationwide Park and Protect. Its floor is roofed in fossilized dinosaur tracks. (Picture credit score: Patrick Druckenmiller)

“Flabbergasted” researchers have found that the face of a 20-story cliff in Alaska is roofed within the fossilized footprints of dozens of dinosaurs, giving the impression that the creatures defied gravity to stroll throughout its floor, although a geological course of is definitely responsible.

The rock face, positioned in Denali Nationwide Park and Protect, presently stands round 218 ft (66 meters). However round 70 million years in the past, in the course of the late Cretaceous interval, the rock was muddy sediment that probably surrounded a watering gap on a big floodplain. This probably explains the varied array of dinosaur prints within the cliff face — together with the juveniles and adults of varied giant, plant-eating, duck-billed and horned dinosaurs, in addition to carnivores comparable to raptors, nonavian flying reptiles and a minimum of one tyrannosaur. 

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