Trump Is Melting Down And Tantruming On The Witness Stand

Trump is attacking the judge, attacking the attorney general, and generally tantruming during his testimony in the New York fraud trial.

Adam Klasfeld of The Messenger tweeted:

MSNBC’s Lisa Rubin reported from the courtroom:

If there was a mistake, it was non-material; but even if it was material, we have a disclaimer clause,” Trump argues. “I never got too involved with these statements because that clause is on page 1, as you well know; that’s why we shouldn’t be having a case here. That’s a clause every court in this country holds up except this particular judge.”

Wallace then asks whether it is Trump’s position that the statements were in fact “worthless,” which Trump also resists. “People like you try to demean me and hurt me,” he hurls at Wallace, and then he attacks AG James, too.

The judge is letting all of this slide because it doesn’t matter.

Trump and his kids have already been found guilty. There is no jury to sway. Trump’s tantrums and attacks don’t mean anything. The same judge that Trump is fighting with and attacking is the same person who will be making the decision on damages.

If anything, Trump’s inability to control himself is doing nothing but costing him his business, his properties, and a vast sum of money.