The Fedora Project releases Fedora 39 with Gnome 45 and Linux kernel 6.5 – Computer – News

M curious! I always ignored Fedora because of the GNOME desktop. But since last year I’ve let go of that negativity and discovered that GNOME can work quite nicely once you get used to it. Fedora (now 38 in both cases) is now installed on 2 computers, and I am very satisfied with it.

Yes, GNOME is difficult(er) to customize, and you have to install extensions if you want to do that. But I kept things as vanilla as possible and started from there. A year later, I still haven’t felt the need to change everything and I’m so used to GNOME that it has almost become second nature to use it.

Just like Linux Mint on the other partition, I have never seen anything crazy under Fedora. Error messages? Not seen. Unpredictable behavior and crashes? Also not observed yet. No, I have become a fan of this distro. I would prefer it even more to Ubuntu today. Never thought I would ever say (or write in this case) this.

If you absolutely don’t want GNOME, try one Fedora Spin variant with for example KDE, Xfce, Mate or another flavor. Something for everyone.

I’ll stick with Fedora 38 – for now – until I think the time is right that Fedora 39 is sufficiently stable and that the necessary bugs (if any) have been squashed. Both machines that have Fedora on them are workhorses that I prefer not to experiment with too much (because I also use them daily for my work). But I expect a lot from Fedora 39 . :)