Telenet gives mobile subscriptions extra data

Telenet will increase the data bundles of its mobile subscriptions as of November 6. The increases also apply to the no longer offered King Supersize, Kong and WIGO (S) subscriptions.

Telenet currently offers three mobile subscription formulas: Mobile 5 GB, Mobile 8 GB and its ONE combination packages. Customers with a Mobile 8 GB subscription will see their data limit increase to 13 GB. The subscription with 5 GB data remains unchanged. See customers with a ONE(up) Limited SIM the limits increase from 5 to 10 GB. The names of those subscriptions remain unchanged. This is slightly different for the Mobile plan, which will henceforth be known as ‘Telenet Mobile 13 GB’.

The names of the WIGO subscriptions also change according to the amount of data offered. For each WIGO variant, the data limit is doubling, with the user now able to use a minimum of 6 GB (was WIGO S 3) and a maximum of 120 GB (was WIGO 60) of data.

Subscription Mobile data (before 6/11) Mobile data (as of 6/11)
WIGO S 3 3 GB 6 GB
WIGO 9 GB 9 GB 18 GB
SCOPE 15 15 GB 30 GB
SCOPE 35 35 GB 70 GB
SCOPE 60 60 GB 120 GB

Telenet also reports changes for King Supersize and Kong subscribers. The limits increase to 15 GB (from 9 GB) and 20 GB (from 10 GB) respectively.

Free increase

Telenet writes that the increase takes place automatically and is completely free of charge. As soon as a higher limit is available, the provider will notify customers via text message, email and the Telenet app.

Telenet has bad news for customers who are suddenly interested in a King Supersize, Kong or WIGO (S) subscription. Since she no longer offers the subscriptions, it is not possible to switch to them. Only existing subscribers enjoy the perks.