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With all due respect, I have not used Stadia, but I really don’t think the Game Pass and Steam streaming are sufficient.

Only when I had everything wired everything worked perfectly. Although I must say that Game Pass has really improved a lot. I used to see the ‘refresh image’, but nowadays it is better.

But the problem is that if my internet goes out for whatever reason, I can no longer play games. Sometimes I want to be able to play games without updating everything and being connected to the internet.

Again I know MS and Sony are pushing for this, but that doesn’t mean it’s better for everyone. I want to be able to play single player without an internet connection, without being bothered by anything and everything. Why do I have to be constantly connected to the internet to even play games?

If you want to stream, that’s fine, but that should be an option and not a compulsion. Sometimes it is indeed better to stream than to download, but for me these are usually simple games where I don’t mind if it goes down for some reason.

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