SEKISAI falls onto Steam – That VideoGame Blog

“Retro,” is a term that’s become synonymous with gaming. It’s actually coming to the point where it doesn’t mean a great deal anymore. Initially retro was harking back to anything pre-1999 but it’s being connected to so many different art styles and musical choices now that something that happened last week could be deemed “retro,” to the right person. Considering that to a lot of kids, this term can be applied to anything that isn’t the current trend because anything before the Millenium is prehistoric it’s understandable but still a bit disconcerting. Fortunately the folk behind SEKISAI, the title we’ll be discussing today, are using the term as initially intended. See? We always get there in the end.

Developed by Sewohayami, SEKISAI is a side-scrolling action game in which you take on the role of a rhino cub. You’ll take your cub on an island exploration spanning 64 stages and multiple weather conditions including rain, snow, and arid desert heat. As you platform your way through each level you’ll be faced with a number of blocks barring your path and you’ll need to remove or bypass these obstacles if you are to succeed.

SEKISAI uses color-matching, where falling blocks will need to be removed using an adaptation of the match-three mechanics we all know and love. In addition to this, you’ll need to carry and throw items, flick switches, and use the environment around you in a game that relies more heavily on problem-solving than it does on pure reflexes. As would be entirely expected some puzzles will be much more difficult than others but you’ll be able to request the aid of fellow animals who will be more than willing to help in finding a solution.

SEKISAI can be found over on Steam now at $8.99, (£7.43 for us English folk,) but if you’re quick there’s a 40% discount until Friday, January 13th. That brings the total down to $5.39, (£4.46,) for those of you that are wondering. If you want to get a bit of a feel for the game before buying it an eight-level demo has also been released. You can find all of the details, download that demo, and of course buy SEKISAI if you think it’s going to float your boat here.

So there you have it, a brand new puzzle platformer with a very retro-feeling spin. I cut my gaming teeth on titles like this when I was a kid and they’re always a really fun way to pass the time. Those of us wanting a bit of a trip down memory lane may well find a lot to like here. The stylistic choices seem very in keeping with the 80s and 90s gaming we grew up on. Aside from this, those of you who love puzzles but don’t necessarily want the stress of a tricky platformer might find a lot to like here too. Either way, you know where you need to go for this brand-new adventure.