Save 42% on That Vitamix Blender You’ve Had on Your Wishlist Forever

“Yes, Vitamix blenders cost a lot but they’re worth every penny. Vitamix blends everything from kale and veggies, to protein smoothies, to fruit, yogurt, and ice smoothies. The ice is well blended and not in little bits and pieces. It’s simple to clean (if you do it right after use) and has lots of different power levels. This one makes soups and comes with a recipe book but I haven’t tried any of that stuff. My husband and I use this machine twice a day. It’s way better than the cheaper blenders where the motor burns out after a few months and it doesn’t blend well. If you use a blender often, this is the one to get. My last one lasted ten years.”

“I love my Vitamix. While I may have been initially apprehensive, this appliance has become a daily use item and easily one of the smartest purchases that I have ever made. Not only is this item a time saver. It is incredibly flexible and useful. I use it to make everything from shakes, lattes, smoothies, crushed ice, peanut butter, soup, ice cream, hot chocolate… the list goes on and on… better still… you control the ingredients (for preference or allergies or health)… This is an incredible kitchen tool that you wont regret. Finally, cleanup is a snap. Tons of recipes and easy cleanup make Vitamix a must have for me.”

“Sure, you can save a hundred or two on some alternative options, some that even advertise to be “better” than the Vitamix, but it simply isn’t true. It’s all marketing. None of them are truly “better” than the Vitamix in any way. You get what you pay for, and there’s no doubt in my mind that the Vitamix is worth every penny. I don’t know what they do, or how they do it, but it WORKS, really, really well. I swear it’s magic, the way the thing blends things up into a texture/consistency that can only be described as “perfect”. It’s truly an incredible machine with an enormous range of use, and so far – EVERYTHING we’ve made has been absolutely wonderful. My wife is a wizard in the kitchen, so she has a real knack for foodstuffs and flavors combinations, but the included book of recipes is extremely helpful if you’re culinary-challenged like me. In just a week of ownership, we’ve made mouthwatering HOT soups, fruit/veggie smoothies, milkshakes, ice cream, sorbet (omg to die for), starbucks-grade frappachinos, mocha lattes, and more. And honestly, we’re just getting started. I think at some point this week we’re going to make our own butter….”

“I was reluctant to spend this much on a blender, so I held off. My Ninja finally died after 10 years of me picking fruit seeds out of my teeth. No more, this is an amazing machine – the results are amazing – super smooth results – and I’m a skeptic. Also this model is lower profile which means you can open you cupboards without knocking into it.”

“This machine is one of the most expensive pieces of technology I have yet to purchase, but oh my goodness, I’m in love and it was worth every penny (I picked it out and had to sleep on it for a couple of days because the cost was no where near what I wanted to spend). Purchased it as a gift for my husband who makes us a smoothie every morning, and I wanted him to have the best blender I could find. The possibilities of what the vitamix can make are endless… I couldn’t believe it could actually make soup but now I’ve witnessed and tasted the delicious results. Additionally, Smoothies are smoother and more airy than I ever imagined possible. I could go on and on about how cool this product and everything it can do is but I’ll just conclude by mentioning how great it is to save time during prep as well as with the self cleaning function. This is the best tool I have in my kitchen now and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone.”

“This is one item that is NOT overrated by any means. I have wanted a Vitamix for at least 30 years but just couldn’t get myself to spend the money for it. However, after going down the rabbit hole of Youtube video reviews on it and watching people use it, I finally decided that it was time to get one. It does everything just as well as you see on Youtube videos or even better. For me, the most impressive feature is how you can make soups in this machine without having to add any heat source to the products you put in it. I assumed that, yes, the speed of the blade will warm up ingredients, maybe even make them “very warm.” However, the soups come out steaming hot. You have to let it cool for a bit before eating it. I’ve tried potato soup, and roasted pepper soup. They came out great. The only issue for me is that I even though I only wanted to make a bowl full, I keep ending up with an entire blender full which is a lot……but, I end up eating the entire thing in one sitting. I’ve done several kinds of smoothies as well and they turned out perfect.”