Saudi Sentenced to Death for Tweets Criticizing Government

From a Thursday article by CNN (Hande Atay Alam & Celine Alkhaldi):

Muhammad al-Ghamdi, a 54-year-old retired Saudi trainer, was sentenced “following 5 tweets criticizing corruption and human rights violations,” his brother Saeed bin Nasser al-Ghamdi tweeted final week.

In accordance with Human Rights Watch, Muhammad al-Ghamdi was arrested final 12 months and given little entry to a lawyer earlier than his conviction in July “underneath article 30 of Saudi Arabia’s counterterrorism regulation for ‘describing the King or the Crown Prince in a manner that undermines faith or justice,’ article 34 for ‘supporting a terrorist ideology,’ article 43 for ‘communication with a terrorist entity,’ and article 44 for publishing false information ‘with the intention of executing a terrorist crime.'” …