Republican Who Rejected Election Lies is Called Best-Performing Statewide Republican in Kentucky

Good news for democracy.

In Kentucky, all eyes are on the super close gubernatorial race, but the race for Secretary of State has just been called and it went to a Republican who beat election deniers in the Republican primary. He has been referred to as “The best-performing statewide GOP candidate in KY” by the Washington Post’s The Fix writer Aaron Blake.

Daniel Nichanian, Editor-in-chief and founder of BoltsMag, called it:
Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams, a Republican, wins reelection.

Very unsurprising, but interesting context: Adams beat election deniers in GOP primary, hitting back on conspiracies. He faced a Dem challenger who argued for expanding ballot access further.

Aaron Blake:

The best-performing statewide GOP candidate in KY:

Secretary of State Michael Adams, who strongly rejected stolen-election talk and turned aside a primary challenge

He’s at 61%.
GOP AG candidate at 58%.
Cameron at 47%.

So this is not a surprise, but in a race the national media referred to as a bellwether, it’s notable that the trend against election deniers is continuing in Kentucky. It’s also rather interesting that he is the being called the best-performing statewide Republican.

U.S. House Republicans just elected an election denier to U.S. House Speaker.