Microsoft will provide Surface PCs with driver and firmware updates for two years longer – Computer – News

This is also simply because the stuff today can last longer than before.

Partly, especially when I look at mobile phones, for example, they previously had an easily removable back and you could change the battery very easily. With today’s mobile phones, the back (often made of glass) is glued together, just like the battery, and it is no longer that easy. Even if you are a little handy, the back can crack and you will have to spend more money on a new back.

But what I find an even bigger problem with later generations of mobile phones is the screen, which is completely laminated. This means that you can no longer easily replace the glass, but you must immediately replace the entire screen. Especially with an older mobile phone, it is no longer worthwhile because the prices of screens are higher than the actual value.

In terms of tablets, I mainly look at the Surface Pro from Microsoft, for example, which is virtually impossible to open without damaging the screen. With regular use, such a battery will last perhaps 2 to 3 years and will need to be replaced. Only, well, the price of a battery isn’t too bad, but the price of a new screen is a different story.

The older iPads in particular still had a non-laminated screen, just like the iPad 2021 version, which has the advantage that you can only replace the glass. The glass itself is relatively cheap and is often well worth it.