Meet TV’s new ‘Housewife Erin Lichy: ‘Lots of juggling’

Bravo’s new home body

TV’s new “Housewife” is Erin Lichy. Pronounced like the “lychee” nut. NYU master’s degree, lawyer husband, three kids, real estate specialist, Manhattanite and social butterfly.

Erin: “I met Bravo people and it escalated. My 35th birthday I got the offer. I have a big family, multiple businesses so it’s sometimes lots of juggling.

“Like filming 9 a.m., again 7 p.m., then adding a pickup scene, then something unplanned suddenly had to be included. Lots of maneuvering, movable parts, challenging logistics, plus kids with specified school times. My mom and sister have helped.

“Watching the show I think I need to change some things about me. Like maybe a boob job. After breastfeeding kids, possibly my breasts are low, deflated. I’ll probably get them lifted if I get a second season which I don’t yet know.”

About the show’s real or staged fights? “Women can be catty. They’re emotional creatures. It’s disagreements and people interpreting things. Like one misunderstanding. I didn’t know she’d be hurt — but she was. I’d hid her phone as a prank. I now know that wasn’t nice to do. She got really mad. Later we talked through it — and hugged. With disagreements you learn about others.”

About their drinks on the show? “It’s real stuff.”

“Another thing. We now face hate on social media. Push yourself and jealous people just rip you a new one. And send more hate. It’s a different world.”

Those housewives need to drink more real stuff.

Just a bit of manse-splaining

Fall is upon us so Spielberg, who has an apartment in NYC, a fortress in the Hamptons and some pup tent in California is temporarily shoving Westward ho!

Shutting his Hamptons place, it’s off to where sun is as high as an elephant’s eye. However, he’s keeping the huge Long Island hovel. There’s bikes from his movie “ET” parked near a front door for the grandchildren. Winter the wheels are stored in a hotel-sized garage. He also takes apart his archery field — I mean, don’t we all? Also, just in case, his property has a horse-riding arena.

A staff checks the estate’s many cameras. Guests roll around in golf carts. It’s said visitors are forbidden bathrooms in the home. A separate area is for common folk to pee. Inside, this world’s greatest director smokes cigars while looking out onto a pristine pond as he says ta-ta to the Hamptons.

It’s Lifestyles of the Rich and Spending.

Moo-ve over

IN Texas the word about Kamala is: “As we say around here, ‘She’s all hat and no cattle.’ ”

Puffed up pals

I KNOW we’re happy to hear that Biden’s granddaughter Maisy and ­Obama’s daughter Sasha are friends. Both attended a party in NYC’s Financial District. They came together. The Secret Service trailed them.

Sasha even carved out time to smoke cigarettes. I know we’re not happy to hear that . . . I hope we’re happy to hear that Al Franken is a ‘trip.’ East 86th, walking alone, big gray hair blowing in the big nasty wind. He tripped at the curb but — hair this — he kept walking.

PLEASE. No remarks about Biden getting up in years. That’s no glint in his eye. It’s just the sun hitting his truss.

Only in New York, kids, Only in New York.