Letitia James Isn’t Taking Any BS From Donald Trump

During a break in the trial, New York Attorney General Letitia James fired back at Trump for a dig he took at her in court.

James tweeted:

Trump’s problem in all of the criminal and civil cases that he is facing is that he is running up against a group of tough prosecutors who aren’t intimidated by him and don’t take his nonsense. Jack Smith has revealed himself to be highly adept at using Trump’s own attacks against him in court filings. Fulton County DA Fani Willis has been flipping Trump’s co-defendants in the Georgia RICO case left and right, and James has shown that she is willing to shut down the entire Trump Organization and run it out of New York.

When viewed in this contest, Trump’s desperation to get back into the White House becomes apparent. Winning a return to the presidency is his only way out.

Trump has likely done immense damage to his business with his meaningless outbursts and attacks during his testimony.

Trump’s kids have seemed stunned to be held accountable during their testimony.

The New York state case is revealing Trump always has been an empty bully, and as prosecutors stand up to him, the bluster can’t hide his house of cards.