Joe Biden’s open borders are putting us at risk for another 9/11

It seems just a matter of time now before America suffers another 9/11-scale blow (or worse!), given that Team Biden has waved in thousands of immigrants from terror-hotbed nations, likely with little or no vetting.

Indeed, reports from the Center for Immigration Studies’ Todd Bensman have so alarmed Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) that the powerful lawmaker last week gave the Department of Homeland Security until just this next Friday to provide answers.

Americans need those answers ASAP — especially with so many migrants coming from so many nations that are home to red-hot anti-American hostility.

And in the wake of Hamas’ 10/7 attack on Israeli civilians: Not only do anti-Israel terrorists also despise America (they’re overwhelmingly Iran-sponsored, after all) but others may be inspired to strike us after Hamas’ horrific success.

From May 2021 to August 2023, reports Bensman, DHS OK’d more than 249,000 migrants (far more than previously disclosed) for entry via President Biden’s CBP One app, which is used to schedule an appointment to “legally” meet US border officials.

And 99.7% of the app-using migrants get OK’d for quick release into America, with instant eligiblity for two-year renewable work permits.

The migrants include 7,300 from nations Washington labels “countries of national security concern”: countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran.

Yes — Iran.

Some 24,000 somehow came from Russia.

In all, Team Biden pushed through nearly a quarter million migrants from 97 nations, starting as early as May 2021.

Who knew? Biden only announced the special parole program in January of this year, publicly citing just four countries (Venezuela, Haiti, Nicaragua and Cuba) whose migrants could qualify.

In fact, the prez started years earlier waving through newcomers from 24 nations of concern for potentially harboring terrorists, including large numbers from Muslim-majority former Soviet republics: 3,852 Kyrgystanis, 1,843 Uzbekistanis, 780 Tajikistanis and 339 Kazakhstanis.

Migrants from countries “of concern” — known as “special-interest aliens,” or SIAs — are supposed to receive enhanced terrorism-security screening, but Grassley doubts Team Biden did so.

It “appears CBP One is being used to intentionally invite SIAs into the United States without undergoing previously required national security vetting procedures,” Grassley wrote in a blistering letter to Homeland Security boss Alejandro Mayorkas.

“Simply put the Biden Administration is allowing people to enter the country without knowing who they are.”

Tens of thousands more have snuck in illegally between entry points — yet still won near-instant “personal-recognizance” passes that, in effect, let them disappear into the interior.

“The number of SIAs entering the United States raises obvious national security concerns, which even the Obama-Biden Administration recognized stating ‘SIAs may consist of those who are potential national security threats to our homeland,’” the senator added.

Clearly, the administration has no fear of another 9/11: Measures to prevent terrorists’ entry have crumbled, in favor of Biden’s let-them-all-in policies.

“Key, all-important face-to-face interviews” have “gone by the wayside,” frets Bensman.

And once they’re in, it’s almost impossible to keep tabs on migrants’ whereabouts, let alone what they’re up to.

It’s often said 9/11 resulted from a “lack of imagination” on the part of those responsible for the nation’s security — border officials, intelligence agencies, etc.

Israel, too, was caught asleep at the wheel as Hamas planned its most successful terror attack ever and managed to slaughter 1,400 innocent Israelis.

America won’t be able to use that excuse again.

If there is a next time (pray not!), Biden’s grossly irresponsible border policies may be to blame.