ISO file size Windows 11 is almost eight percent larger than Windows 10 – Computer – News

How does this compare in percentage terms with Windows 3.0 -> 3.11
Of XP -> Windows 7?
And what do you get in return?

Didn’t you used to have separate ISOs for each edition? And isn’t that now increasingly merged into an install base?

The fact that it is getting bigger and bigger will undoubtedly be the result of one thing compared to the other. But what then? What is the cause? And what is the goal that is achieved?

Adding this to the article would, in my opinion, give it a bit more body than just the current statement, because it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Personally, I would also prefer to see it modular with what I as an end user would want.
Now it comes with a lot of bloatware, which I then throw out again after installation via scripting.