IKEA introduces smart RGB LED strip for use with Dirigera hub – Image and sound – News

IKEA introduces an RGB LED strip that can be operated via the Ikea Home Smart app. This Ormanäs LED strip can be used with the IKEA Dirigera smart home hub and is available for 30 euros. The comic is not yet available at the time of writing.

The IKEA Ormanäs led strip can display RGB colors and the white spectrum, the manufacturer states on its website. The LEDs do not appear to be individually addressable, but display a single color at the same time. Users can control the LEDs with the existing Stryrbar remote control or via the IKEA Home Smart app, which is available for both Android and iOS. The LED strip can be connected with the Dirigera smarthome hub, which works via the Zigbee protocol. The IKEA Ormanäs is not compatible with the previous Trådfri hub.

The Ormanäs strip is four meters long and can be cut to length. There is 3M tape on the back of the LED strip, with which the lighting can be attached, for example, to a cupboard or behind a television. The Ormanäs LED strip is supplied with a ‘driver’, with which the lighting can be connected to a socket.

The LED strip is not yet available in most stores, according to the IKEA website. The Ormanäs is also not yet available online. The LED strip costs 30 euros.