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Hillary Clinton Calls Trump And MAGAs Anti-American

Hillary Clinton is strolling free as Trump is dealing with his fourth indictment, and Clinton stated that Trump and his followers are anti-America.

Clinton stated on The Rachel Maddow Present:

This goes proper to who they’re and what they consider. It’s the canine whistle on race, misogyny, and every little thing you may consider that they’re in opposition to. More and more very vocally and publicly in opposition to. It’s rooting in opposition to People and amongst us, the hundreds of thousands of us who’re completely different or who’ve completely different concepts. Totally different political views. All of that. In its complete, it’s rooting in opposition to America. That’s the reason I’m so bewildered about, but in addition I watched it for seven years. The entire feedback about American presidents, management, habits contrasted sadly negatively with habits from dictators.

While you actually have a look at the entire community of individuals organizations and cash that assist the type of attitudes that Trump and people like him specific, it’s so anti-American in each manner. That’s what shocks me, as a result of individuals stroll round with flags on speaking about how they assist him or one in every of his wannabe followers. There may be nothing American about rooting in opposition to our personal workforce for undermining the rule of regulation. Going after folks that do their greatest.

You simply go down the record and it’s an extended record, however on the core of it’s a set of beliefs about People who’re entitled to rule. The remainder of us is a fairly large group and people entitled to rule. Yhey consider that they’ve the appropriate to rule, political perspective and all of that — they know they’re in a contest with us and it’s time we understood that there isn’t any manner ahead besides by successful and defeating these very anti-American political concepts and values.


Clinton was appropriate. It isn’t that Trump and MAGAs are mad at America as a result of they misplaced an election. Trump and the MAGAs hate the concept of democracy. They consider that they need to rule the remainder of us. Of their view, there isn’t any democracy. It’s only their entitlement to energy over the remainder of us.

Trump and the MAGA ideology are basically un-American, and it’s refreshing to see it being known as out and mentioned with unvarnished honesty, The one method to cease the anti-American Trump and his supporters is to beat them on the poll field, and be sure that democracy prevails.


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