Chip gets challenged this month

Who remembers the Atari Lynx, then? No? Well, I have to say I’m not surprised but back in the early-90s it was a great little console. This is when the big brands were warring over the handheld market space. Nintendo had been on top for a long time with the Gameboy and other companies wanted a piece of that pie. SEGA came along with the battery-devouring Game Gear and Atari, who was still a massive name at the time entered the circle with the Lynx. I was fortunate enough to own all of these consoles, and even though I was a SEGA kid the Lynx stood out for me. One of the games I owned, (and played to death,) was a little puzzler called Chip’s Challenge. I really loved this game and was delighted when I saw that Chip was making a comeback. In case you haven’t already worked this out, this is why we’re here today.

Chip’s Challenge is a puzzler that was originally released back in 1989. Developed by Imagine Software and published by Pixel Games UK, Chip will be returning on the Nintendo Switch via the Nintendo eShop and he’ll be bringing 140 levels of brain-scratching fun with him. He’ll be making an appearance in just a few days on January 25th for those of you who are looking forward to diving in.

In Chip’s Challenge, our friend Chip is a schoolboy who’s a bit of a puzzle obsessive. He’s also a kid with a purpose in that he would like nothing more than to join Melinda the Mental Marvel‘s Bit Busters computer club. She isn’t going to just let him walk through the door, though. Chip will have to solve 140 increasingly devious puzzles if he’s going to stand any chance at claiming his prize. These conundrums will see him moving blocks, dodging hazards, and collecting computer chips, all in a bid to meet his ultimate goal. It has to be said that extracurricular activities are becoming more lethal by the year.

So we’ve ticked off the boxes in terms of lever pulling, block moving, and hazard dodging, so what else is Chip going to have to contend with? Well, in Chip’s Challenge the levels are riddled with monsters, (God knows where Melinda got those,) so he’s going to have to be extra careful in an already dangerous space. Oh, did I mention the levels were timed? Yes, you’ll be doing all of this plate-spinning against a nice big ticking timer.

I remember playing Chip’s Challenge when I was about 11 and absolutely loving it even though it was probably a bit above my age bracket in difficulty at the time. Bringing one of my favorite classic games to a modern console is always an exciting prospect and the Switch, being a handheld hybrid in and of itself is the perfect choice of platform. Of course, you’ll be able to shift things over to the big screen as well, which can only be a pleasant bonus. I definitely think I’ll be grabbing my own copy of this title as soon as I am able and I’d urge those of you that love a good puzzle to have a go for yourselves. For fans of retro gaming, these are exciting times indeed.