Archaeologists in Zambia discover oldest wooden structure in the world, dating to 476,000 years ago

Archaeologists have found the oldest proof but of a wood construction crafted by the arms of a human ancestor. Two tree trunks, notched like Lincoln Logs, had been preserved on the backside of the Kalambo River in Zambia. If the logs’ estimated 476,000-year-old age is right, it signifies that woodworking may predate the emergence of our personal species, Homo sapiens, and highlights the intelligence of our hominin ancestors.

Archaeologists unearthed the logs at Kalambo Falls, on Lake Tanganyika in northern Zambia, a website that has been investigated by scientists because the Nineteen Fifties. Earlier excavations round a small lake simply upstream from the falls yielded stone instruments, preserved pollen and wood artifacts which have helped researchers perceive extra about human evolution and tradition over the span of a whole lot of hundreds of years.