Approved electric scooters and Segways will be required to have a license plate in the Netherlands – Image and sound – News

I wonder if those guys who approve of this shouldn’t be vetted themselves.
Those steppes are extremely dangerous, apart from that. Recently one came from the roller bench where the scooter reached 70 KM. In addition, those wheels are perhaps 20 cm in diameter. If you end up in a hole or groove, you will probably cry.
Then the width of the handlebar is 40 CM in combination with those wheels.
I really see very small children here? 4-5 years of riding around on a scooter, and as a parent you give that to your child. I also had a scooter in the past, but then you had to step yourself :) Beach bikes with those wide tires that all those delivery people race around on, they also go fast
2 weeks ago I was at the MM where a mother with 2 children was standing at the e scooters for 500 E each. I stood on a corner looking to see if I would actually buy 2 scooters. and in fact I told the lady that if her children go on the road and the police see them, they will lose their scooters and a big fine.
If her children get into a collision, guilty or not, she is really screwed because you are not insured, and maybe you can go to the hospital for one of your children. I also see very small bicycles here that also have the pass in and out
to race. Then also the hoverboard where they have made a seat with 2 wheels at the front, you can steer with your feet, these also fly by.
This kind of stuff should really be strictly prohibited. (it already is but still driving around)
Perhaps a few spicy announcements on 112 today will tell you what the consequences are and what the fine is, 500 euros and confiscation. .

It’s bizarre that parents let their kids ride around scooter boards on these
Not only here, but also read here in the comments that Amsterdam is also a problem and he does not come there with his bicycle.
What I also don’t understand is that electric cars are not yet equipped with an acoustic signal, even if it is something you clearly hear as a pedestrian or bicycle.
I have also experienced it several times that I was able to stop just in time because an e-car was coming around the corner.
Strict law must be imposed on this e-Step and bikes and boards
Telephone, with HRH Utrecht your child has had an accident on his scooter…..
nice toy but certainly very dangerous.
And whether your scooter or bike has been inspected and has a license plate certainly does not eliminate the dangers. The fuel scooter was also converted in the same way and there is a rumble and the CDI also driving between them where the clock ticks 100KM >

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