Apple says it is not working on a 27″ iMac – Computer – News

I have a mac mini m2 in the living room, on my 65” 4k OLED TV.

I just work seriously on that with photo editing.

But I also often work with it in combination with my Macbook Pro with continuity, where you can switch between the 2 Macs with mouse and keyboard as if they were 2 screens on 2 computers, so to speak.

My MacBook Pro is still an i9, with great specs. But the AI ​​editing that I sometimes use is very slow. And that works on the M2 mini, for example.
But the large screen is also great for making detailed edits.

Color control is then again on the MB Pro (TV is not precise enough)

A bit of an odd setup perhaps, but it works fantastic for me.

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