Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players can’t stop bullying Koroks

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has some new forms of Koroks that you could decide up, so clearly everybody’s first intuition has been to bully them.

Small spoiler warning on this one! Nothing to do with the story, however there are some clips from the opening of the sport, so watch out.

I did not handle to get each single Korok in Breath of the Wild, and I doubt I’ll in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom both. That does not matter a lot to me, as I simply love discovering a type of humorous little tree guys round Hyrule within the unlikeliest of locations. Whereas a number of the methods you discover Koroks are the identical in Tears of the Kingdom as they’re within the first sport, there are some new ones too. The most effective new sort of Korok is definitely the one which has a backpack so massive that he is too drained to maintain going. I really like them, they’re so cute! So might you all cease bullying them please?

I am critical – individuals are tormenting these poor, harmless little guys just because you’ll be able to. One of many new talents within the sport, Ultrahand, enables you to decide up just about something within the sport. Whilst you cannot decide up a Korok immediately, you’ll be able to decide them up by their backpacks. So in fact that is led to folks discovering a plethora of how to make them undergo.

For starters, one consumer on Reddit connected a Korok to a minecart, utilizing the woodland creature as influence cushioning. They are not take a look at dummies, they’re there to be helped!

[TotK] I’ve solely simply began the sport and I am already turn out to be a menace
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One other Reddit consumer actually turned one other backpack carrying Korok right into a automobile, sending them on their method into the unknown. Not less than allow them to cross their driving take a look at first.

[TOTK] I completely love this sport
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Over on Twitter, Twitch streamer Andy Cortez tried to provide you with quite a few contraptions to get a Korok flying, most of which didn’t work within the slightest.

One other streamer, Hopcat, did one thing comparable by turning a Korok right into a literal rocket, and OK, yeah, this one bought me.

Maybe the cruellest of all of the issues you could possibly do to a Korok got here from pory_leeks on Twitter, who turned 5 Koroks right into a Korok Rotisserie machine. Fairly clucked should you ask me.

So after you’ve got seen all this, I ask of you one factor: please cease bullying Koroks, until it is actually humorous, as a result of then I need to see it.