Uniqlo Bra Top Review | POPSUGAR Fashion

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Is there anything more satisfying than taking off your bra at the end of a long day? Evidently, yes: not wearing one at all. While fashion trends may come and go, we’d argue that the braless look is one of this century’s most enduring fads. Thanks to the pandemic and growing interest in more comfortable wardrobe essentials, it’s also here for the long haul.

For as liberating as going braless may be, let’s be real: it isn’t always the most comfortable option, especially for those with midsize and large busts who might be more prone to back pain and discomfort. Fortunately, Uniqlo — ever the brand for functional fashion offerings — has developed the ultimate style for those who’d like to forgo wearing traditional bras without having to sacrifice on comfort and support. Enter in: the bra top.

Unlike other tank tops, these pieces are fitted with a seamless, built-in bra minus any awkward lines to accompany it. The bra tops are designed to mirror the look of a basic tank, but with an extra layer of inner support to ensure your bust feels lifted and comfortable. From tube tops and camisoles to cropped tanks, these styles are designed to cater to all body types and bust sizes. Plus, they come in plenty of color options, too.

Ahead, we tasked five PS editors with testing out Uniqlo’s bra top collection, and asked each to analyze the pieces based off their level of support and stylishness. Keep reading for our editors’s honest reviews and see why these bra tops double as a more comfortable alternative for embracing the braless trend.