TriNed offers a 2.5Gbit/s subscription to the ODF network for 54 euros per month – IT Pro – News

I don’t think it has so much to do with ‘agreements’, but more simply with the rapid rise of ‘open’ fiber optic networks where operators are now also installing their equipment (after the exclusivity of T-mobile/Odido has expired).

Another important factor that plays a role is the state of the art.

Where operators install .

And KPN also happens to be rolling out P2MP networks in newer areas (and therefore automatically also XGSPON). In older P2P (ex-Reggefiber) areas, multigig will probably not be offered everywhere, except where older DSLAMs with GoF connections are also at the end of their economic life and are being replaced by XSPON or other faster interfaces.

Where operators can now install AON equipment, I wouldn’t be surprised if (just like with NICs in laptops and PCs) you can install switches with 2.5G ports just as cheaply as switches with 1G ports.

And another factor (which Tweak once explained in a blog post): For a smaller party/operator it is often more profitable to simply pass on the full line speed of the interface in the PoP on a 1-to-1 basis than to use complicated equipment/software to artificially reduce the speed (and then compensate for this with high rates for the higher speeds). These small parties also know very well that the majority of customers are not filling up the line all day long and all at the same time.

This is different with Odido, Ziggo, KPN, etc. Now that there are still plenty of consumers who also find TV very important, they have more ‘power’. They have capital for R&D and purchasing to develop very attractive deals in the TV and content field. And for internet speeds they open a whole bag of marketing tricks, with all kinds of traffic shaping crap, to cash in on people who want higher speeds (and KPN charges parties like Freedom and others, in places where those ISPs can only choose KPN WBA as a lighting technician, also quite high fees).

Mind you, this is how I interpret the current market. Others may think differently.